What is an Emergency Coordination Center?

A center to help coordinate the resources needed for those field responders working throughout any and all areas of operation (AoO) prior to, during, and post disasters.  This is the primary place that will house Emergency Support Functions (ESFs) that are recognized throughout the FEMA response framework as supportive functions of critical infrastructure within any given disaster scenario, either man-made or natural. Some cities or jurisdictions run a different setup than an ESF setup, such as the FLOP model (Finance, Logistics, Operations and Planning with Command & General Staff above that).  These various models allow the coordination and response of not only resources, but also personnel within the Salt Lake Valley.  This is also where the Policy Group will get together with the Command Staff, the Planning Section, the Finance Section, the Operations Section and the Logistics Section to create priorities for the entire affected area(s) or Salt Lake County as needed.  For an organizational chart of the Emergency Support Functions and how they fit into the FLOP model within Salt Lake County's Emergency Coordination Center, click here.

An Emergency Coordination Center is not...

A center to run the field operations.  It is a misnomer and when Emergency Coordination Centers first started, they were (and many still are called) Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs).  This is not an Incident Command Post (ICP), where the operations for any given incident are directed.  It is merely the "shopping center" for those field personnel to ask for and order their required resources.