Urban Search & Rescue/Utah Task Force 1 (UTTF1)

Salt Lake County Emergency Management assists Utah Task Force 1 (UTTF1), one of 28 Federal teams that deploy to any and all types of major disasters, from man-made disasters (9-11, Oklahoma City Bombing, etc.) to natural disasters (earthquakes, weather events, etc.), both on the national or state levels.  The ECC and SLCo EM assists UTTF1 during deployments and provides for any and all needs requested.  Typically, US&R task forces are completely self-sufficient for the first 72-hours of a deployment and can stay out 14 days at a time working to find survivors during an incident.  

The following are a couple of time-lapse videos that show some of what task forces do in times of disasters.  They were taken during a recent training exercise in conjunction with Texas Task Force 1 (TXTF1) on 4.26.15 in College Station Texas.

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