Salt Lake County Emergency Management 

Operations Specialist 

Scott McNeil


Scott McNeil

Scott McNeil started in the Operations Section of SLCo Emergency Management Division in September of 2018. His Fire Service Career began with Salt Lake County Fire on their Wildland crew for the summers of 1997-1998. He was hired as a full time firefighter with Salt Lake County Fire (Which later became Unified Fire Authority) in September of 1999. He has been fortunate in his career to work in some of the busiest stations with the best crews in the department. He was one of the first 3 firefighters to promote the then newly formed Heavy Rescue Specialist position in 2004. He became an Engineer several years later and holds that rank today.  He has been involved in the Heavy Rescue companies development and design, and has taught many classes in Technical Rescue. Scott holds an Associates Degree in Fire Science, and is currently pursuing his Bachelors Degree in Emergency Management.


Scott enjoys hunting, fishing, riding his horses and watching his kids' athletic events.