Salt Lake County Emergency Management Intelligence Specialist

John McClure

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John McClure

John McClure is the Intelligence Specialist for Salt Lake County Emergency Management since September 2018. He is responsible for the identification of intelligence gaps, the collection of information, the development of intelligence, to be a liaison with outside agencies in an effort to prevent and or mitigate threats, and disseminate information and intelligence among partners and stakeholders.

John was the Strategic Intelligence Analyst for the Statewide Information and Analysis Center covering Domestic and International Terrorism. John was also an Intelligence Analyst on the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force Domestic Terrorism Squad. 


John received his Master’s Degree from the Handa Center for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence at the University of St. Andrews. John has featured publications in Global Security Studies Journal, Stanford University, Utah Valley University; as well as collaborated on several North American regional documents under the auspice of the United Nations.