History of Emergency Management in Salt Lake County

With Emergency Management becoming more and more of a prevalent idea throughout the nation and within our state, Emergency Management is currently under a 50-year charter of the Unified Fire Authority, that was created in 2004 when the Salt Lake County Fire Department transitioned to the Unified Fire Authority (UFA).  Traditionally, the Fire Chief of the county-level fire department within Salt Lake County has been the Emergency Manager, with either the Fire Chief or the Fire Chief's designee being the county-level Emergency Manager.  

Originally under the Salt Lake County Fire Department, the Bomb/Arson and Investigations Bureau Chief was the Fire Chief's designee as the Emergency Manager.  Since the transition to the Unified Fire Authority (UFA), there has been a Battalion Chief within the Unified Fire Authority designated as the Emergency Manager.  Currently, the Fire Chief for Unified Fire Authority is Dan Petersen. His designee is Battalion Chief Clint Mecham and within the Salt Lake County Emergency Management Bureau there are eight full-time staff, and one GIS personnel that make up the bureau.